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latinx MOOC

About The LatinX MOOC


This LatinX MOOC 


is a general introduction and 


overview of 


America's LatinX community, 


its history, 


its massive contributions to the United States,


 its many past & current challenges and 


its critical role in the future of


the United States; along 


with the impact that recent 


politically-infused anti-LatinX 


remarks and policies by


current leaders will have on the future of 


our community and our country: 


the United States of America.



This course is meant to provide  


a  free online resource


for people not familiar with America's LatinX community, 


and we hope it can engage some in our community and 


worldwide to continue studying America's LatinX community


thru the many more in-depths courses and degree programs


offered by many of America's Colleges & Universities. 



This free non-profit online course 


tries to showcase and highlight  


the great many voices  -


who thru their activism, writing, 


films, art, organizations, poetry,


photographs, and other projects


 are educating and shedding light 


 on America's LatinX community, 


its many contributions to the United States, 


the challenges it faces today, 


and the great and powerful role 


it will continue to play in the future of the USA.



Links, websites and additional resources 


to the voices highlighted in the course are provided


throughout the lessons


with the hope that many of you will


want to learn more about them, 


their great work and their continued efforts.  





The objective of the LatinX Massive Open Online Course ("MOOC") is


to provide students worldwide an introduction and practical overview of America's booming


LatinX community.  


From its history, demographics, differences, common ground,


rising economic power to


how America's Trump administration thru its policies and rherotic is


unifying the community's critical voting bloc,


its minority-majority allies and


insuring its long term impact on the country,


the continent and the world.



More In-Depth LatinX Studies at Universities Nationwide



While this free LatinX MOOC aims to provide an overview,


many of america's leading universities and colleges offer


many more in-depth LatinX Studies


on-campus and online courses,


certificate and degree programs


for those interested in learning more about the community.  



Learning Outcomes


Gain an understanding of America's LatinX Community History,


and the evolution of its name from


Hispanics to Latinos and Latinas to


today's gender-neutral and inclusive "LatinX".



Gain an understanding of the different groups


that constitute America's Latinx Community;

their differences,


their common grounds,


the different generations and


the challenges in achieving a unified national community


Gain an understanding of the population size,


growth to date, projected growth, geographic distribution and


states/cities where a LatinX majority has already or will soon been achieved


Gain an understanding of the growing economic impact of


the LatinX community in the United States as a whole


Gain an understanding of the long term negative image challenges


faced by the LatinX community from


Hollywood to Television/Cable to General Media


Gain a better understanding of how Trump and his administration with their rhetoric


and anti-immigrant policies have been and will be one of the most powerful and effective


unification of America's LatinX and rising Minority-Majority communities for years to come


To use our acquired knowledge and understanding of the community


to create our individual predictions of


how we think all the factors covered in the course will


impact the LatinX community's influence in the


United States, the Continent, and the World


To use our acquired knowledge and understanding of the community


to create our individual recommendations on what


other Governments, Businesses and Organizations


should be doing today to prepare for


the America that the Trump's Administration's discriminatory policies are


helping to accelerate and unify -


A Trump-infused "unified" American Minority-Majority.